My box




You can click on the pictures to biggify them.



  1. If the box fits! My 2 cats have 4 BIG boxes between them! They are fussy! We just tell people we have lions! From Michele’s via feline hangout…that be me!

  2. Catherine said

    Meow! I posted a picture of a dog on my blog today, I’m not sure you want to see that though. Here from Michele’s.

  3. Carmi said

    Cats and boxes. A perfect combination.

    You look sooooo content!

  4. Lux said

    Oh, it’s just the perfect size for you! Cool!

  5. nice box! looks like lots of fun

  6. it’s good to have a box!

  7. KC said

    o, that looks like such a nice box. haf u checked out Rascals Box Reports?

    i finks u r a very nice lookin cat. r u a tortie? i’s a tortie. why don’t u party-see-pate in our Tortie Toosday posts? course, efurrydays Tortie Toosday fur me, hee-hee.

  8. Either you are a very big cat, or that is a very small box. You have a furry shiny coat of fur, almost as shiny as your pretty wood floor.


  9. Cecilia said

    Oh, we think you need a bigger box.

  10. Junior said

    That is a great box…but like Cecilia said…maybe it needs to be just a bit bigger!

  11. those boxes are great! just enuf side ta hang yur head offur.

  12. Wm. said

    Looks w o n d e r f u l!

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