I’m saving the humans some housework. For instance, I lie on the bed so they don’t have to make it. I help them edit out papers by using them to catch my hairballs. I save them bills my creating local heat by sleeping on them at night.

I do my part. Now where’s the fish?



  1. My, you are very helpful to your beans!

    * November 7 is “Dona Nobis Pacem” Day – spread the word.

  2. yur furry helpful! we iron the laundry by layin’ on it an squashing the wrinkles out.

  3. Wm. said

    Valderbar, I don’t see where you should have to work at all for fish. Tell those people of yours I said so.

  4. you are furry helpful!

  5. Junior said

    Wow! That is alot of help! They should give you some extra good treats!!

  6. Valderbar said

    Good to know I’m not the only helpful one around.

    I got the fish.

  7. Lux said

    Thank *goodness you got the fish after all that!

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