courtest lesson

I came over, looked her sternly right in the eye. Maybe next time she will have consideration to not eat citrus on the pillow of my nap spot. We do have to timeshare that bed you know.



  1. citrus? ewwwwwwwwww! that’s just wrong!

  2. one of us said

    No one wants their bed to smell like citrus, do they? ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

  3. Junior said

    Oh my! She should have washed that before you used it!!!

  4. Wm. said

    Doesn’t she know that citrus is like Krypronite to us?

  5. Wm. said

    (Well, really I meant Kryptonite.)

  6. Put a stop to timeshare bedding!

  7. Diva Kitty said

    OMG – I hope your test subject gave you treats after that

  8. citrus? yuck. new pillows are in order.

  9. ISH! You need to put more hair on that pillow then she won’t go near it.

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