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Happy Holidays

You got your human beans home with turkey more than usual? Any trees indoors? I got a new box under the tree. I’m sure it was for me. Finders keepers.

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Human Bean Captioned cat photos

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I’m home.

I still have some settling to do but I’m calling it a day and a good one.
It seems most of the work is done and it was super fast to come to WordPress.

Now I’ll rest.

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Just so you know…I’m thinking of moving from blogger.

This blogger upgrade and needing gmail and all… I don’t like to be told when to move and how. I’m at cat after all.

So at my own speed, I’m shifting myself over to wordpress.

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I’m ready…

Sun is making my hair all pretty and there’s no one here to take a photo. A pity.

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peace and quiet

At the window when all the road noise goes away, and all the music stops and the people stop talking, at the mid-moon I can call to the cat on the floor below and we can talk.

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one good turn deserves 3 and a lie down

A box came in the house with crinkly paper. I saw it. It’s mine.

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