Christmas gift?

Here’s anotherway to get Fresh air…don’t know that I’d like it. It’s too much like the vet box.



  1. Wm. said

    I wouldn’t sit still for that.

  2. Lux said

    I think I would like it a lot, because I could finally get out of this place for a while! But, then, there are those vishus javelinas to think about!

  3. nope, not for us. you’re right, it’s like the prisoner transport unit.

  4. Anonymous said

    Just another way to get us to the v-e-t. My mom can save her money, we’d never get in that thing.

  5. Anonymous said

    Scooby, Shaggy & Scout commenting above!

  6. we gotta pass on that one too. we’re just not that calm.

  7. One of us said

    Mom has that on her wish list for sometime next year. I’m hoping I don’t fit ~Merlin

  8. Fat Eddy said

    Hey the lady peep thinks that’s cool, but yaknow I’m afraid that we’d still be going places where I don’t want to go. Nice to talk to you again.

  9. Karen Jo said

    Most of the cats here seem to think it is just a PTU on wheels, but some cats love them. Skeezix thinks that his is wonderful.

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