I’m ready…

Sun is making my hair all pretty and there’s no one here to take a photo. A pity.


  1. Dats a shame dat yoo gots all pritty and no one wuz der to take a piksher. Maybe yoo shood lern how to uze dat camera wit da delay setting. Den yoo cood take lotz of pikshers of yoorself to share wit da peepul.

  2. Lux said

    My mom will teleport over to take your picture if you contact her telepathically!

  3. Very much a pity!!!! You are gorgeous in the sun!!

  4. We have good imaginations – purrrr!

  5. Karen Jo said

    That is a shame that there is no one there to take a picture of you being so pretty.

  6. Justin said

    Its really sad to know this. Tell some human to click a photo for you.
    And hey, check this out kitties in a holiday mood

    merry xmas to ya..

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