Happy Holidays

You got your human beans home with turkey more than usual? Any trees indoors? I got a new box under the tree. I’m sure it was for me. Finders keepers.


  1. hi, i like your new blog, it looks nice and clean. i put your new address in my blogroll too

  2. Ayla said

    I found you! I’ve been thinking of moving over to WordPress too. Now if I can just get the Mom to show me how to use it…

    Happy Belated Kissymas!

  3. Hello, Valemar! We saw that you moved, an I just had to pounce you here. I’m sure the box is fur you, since it was Boxing Day. Purrs!

  4. Sorry, I meant Valderbar. Keyboard weren’t designed fur paws.

  5. KC said

    o, hi Valderbar, jus stoppin by ta say hi.
    i finded lots of boxes, too, but no trees indoors.
    u’s got that tough-as* tortitude, too. hee-hee

  6. divakitty said

    We got scallops! They were almost as good as lobster. We love the new blog!

  7. Luxor said

    Well, of course finders keepers. Any box that enters this house is for me. Hope yours has something really fun inside it!

  8. no tree, no turkey, and the Lady isn’t even home. ::sigh:: at least we do have boxes ::sigh::

  9. Karen Jo said

    What was in the box? Or do you just want the box? We have a little tree indoors, but no kitties to share it with.

  10. We wish you a furry happy, healthy, safe, snuggly, flea-free, Temptations-filled New Year!

  11. No, see…….we didn’t get a tree cuz Precious (aka Squirt) is wild and crazy and would have climbed it and knocked it over and tore it limb from limb…….that’s why…..


  12. Karen Jo said

    Happy New Year.

  13. KC said

    Missy Blue Eyes,
    and lil Bear!

  14. Hot(M)BC said

    Happy Noo Yeerz Valdebar! And a’course the box under the tree is yours! hehhehe
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  15. hello, and happy mew year! we are glad to meet you!! please come visit us when you have the time.

    nelson, edmund, nitro s, and xing lu

  16. Happy healthy, wealthy, and wise 2007 to you all! May it be a great year.

  17. Happy New Year to you all!

  18. charlie said

    We hadded a tree, dude……. 🙂

    Mama wouldn’t let me climb it this year, though…….she used water aversion ferapy on me……..which means she used the spray bottle……

    But we hadded out Secret Paw – Mama posted pikshurs on our bloggie……..meeces and balls and nip and effurything….

    I likes your new blog, but you need more pikshurs, dude!!


  19. Rocky said

    Hi there, you gorgeous tortie! I’m Rocky, CEO (Cat Executive Officer) at the new ArtsyCatsy. blogspot.com. Come sniff us out & watch my catstaff of 15 formerly-ferals train our humans to start a new business for cat lovers. If we make you purr, want to link to each other?

  20. Junior said

    Happy Belated Holidays to you! Meowm finally got your new address set up! I got to go on a road trip for the holidays and saw all kinds of stuff! Hope your holidays were good ones!

  21. Where ya be? are you ok?

  22. Of course it is for you, who else?

  23. William said

    Valdebar, where are you? Are you on some tropical holiday?

  24. Hey Valdebar – is you still around? Happy Balentimes day!!!

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