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Keeping up the Fight

Morning and night and morning and night, the mighty wriggling muscle struggle against the forces of ear drops have not prevailed. They trimmed my nails before all this began, giving themselves the upper hand. The ear massage to put the oil down is not sufficient counterbalance…prrrrrr,…but lovely…

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As I sat on my brisket waiting for the tuna (one can dream) to drop into my food altar I was grabbed. Again I was pinned and oily drops went down the tickle of my ear. I got away but not in time.

I am off my game. I shall have to do extra catethentics to improve agility for this new challenge.

On the positive side, I did get some extra crunchies with breakfast.

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Suspicious Human Movements

As I was dozing, the human slipped up to me in that aren’t-you-adorable-must-hug! sort of way. While I contemplated indulging her or scooting off, she grabbed me and what’s more bagged me.


I left some wet paw streaks across the examination table. Still, no bottom squeezes, no blood stolen. But I was put in an arm vice and drops went down my ear!!!

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My ear keeps itching. I try to only scratch when the humans aren’t watching.

I’m afraid my ear is telling on me. My toes have been stroking less hair with each pass over the last few days.

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The humans brought some more humans here. Two smelt of cow. I once lived in a byre. I knew them well. One tried to pick me up so naturally I disappeared under the bed. A fourth person came later. He, with the grace that befits cats, ignored me. So I lapped him.

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Did you all see Victor spin for treats?

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Tips for Cats Running a House

Basic Rules For Cats Who Have A House To Run with handy tips such as “If you have to throw up, get into a chair quickly. If you can not manage in time, get to an Oriental rug. If no Oriental rug is available, shag is good.”

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