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I’ve been trying to moderate the beans’s use of internet by alternately sitting on her hands and her keyboard.

Has this happened to you?

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All well on patrol. No incursions by birds or other nefarious non-members of household.

cat comic

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The beans were out late last night. The neglected to wake up early this morning. I’ve been patient, really I have but now it’s time for round 3 of yowl, and more of a hop on their bellies than sitting on it purring hints as to food.

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I was drinking some water when the female bean stumbled out of bed. I keep forgetting they can’t see much in the dark. She was swaying and on me and I couldn’t figure out which way to go. Our feets got all tangled and I escaped with all my ribs and tail still whole. Barely.

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Still Purring

but I seem to have wandered away from the computer. I think I will again too.

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Sinko de Mayo

Any latino kitties out there?

Not much happening around here. Small purr at the whole litter box rectification. Big purr at the sun patch. The beans have been away a lot. The neighbour came by. She seems to have named me “petit minou”. I’m small but pure sinew.

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Way Back When

Did you notice there’s now a random post from archives over in the top right corner? That brings back memories…

Mission to Dimension 5

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