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My voice┬áresonates nicely in the bare walls of the bean’s litter box. If I crouch low by the wall, I’m sure I get more ooomph for each yowl.

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There’s a V of geese out there. Fall is coming. ┬áThe trees are changing, some leaves fall. It would be good to chase goose or leaf. But I’m in here.

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Any two-leggers?

This translation for cat tail chart could be a tool for you.

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The tom-bean was late getting up (according to my appetite) so beyond the cuddle and purr and back massage by my own 4 feet. I gave him two long licks on the end of his nose. Don’t you think my extra work merits, say, tuna for breakfast?

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Bean scream

I have been training the beans to walk at night without lifting their feet. It’s the only safe way to walk when you’re blind as beans are at night. When they slide along they can’t step on me. When they lift the feet we do a dance and the bean-scream. They are catching on.

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At my age shed hair is the closest I’ll get to having kittens so I’ll shed as much as I can…

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Quiet evening at home. I’ve catted the tom-bean securely. Now he just needs to stop petting me for a while so I can nap. If I butt and lick his hand long enough he gets the point.

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