Bean scream

I have been training the beans to walk at night without lifting their feet. It’s the only safe way to walk when you’re blind as beans are at night. When they slide along they can’t step on me. When they lift the feet we do a dance and the bean-scream. They are catching on.



  1. i wish MY mom would learn that. maybe it’s harder to not lift your feet on carpet or something.

  2. ML said

    Hi Valderbar, just stopping by to see what you’re up to. KC has her closeup posted, and DK & The Fluffies posted that you and KC were like mirror images. It’s true, you do look very similar. What two gorgeous kitties.
    You are not quite nose twins, though. You have a very unique nose.

  3. Luxor said

    My mom’s laughing because that’s how *she walks around when the lights are off!

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