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I’m Just Barely Lifting an Eyelid

Stop flashing that red in my eyes. When I’m ready for my photo moment you’ll know. Meanwhile if you need me I’ll be under the bed.

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That Smells Meowterful

The beans are home and I smell roast chicken. They set down their food bags and I stick my nose in each one to suss out where’s the chicken. I know I’ll get some. But if I find it first, maybe I can get it all? Would a haul of a bird my size be too much to eat at once you think?

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Here’s Looking at You

It’s been a while since you all saw my whiskers so here goes… cat 

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Tail Twitching

I furrow the fur of my brow and wait patiently at door post for food, and those beans to arrive.  Will they give me proper attention when they do come? If they go straight to the computer, these advice cats have answers of how to train their attention back to its proper place — me. 

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Lickety Split

I was being admired mid-room when I got a sudden itch and had to do a big stretch to get at it with a solid licking. Why do beans find that funny?

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There are big kablooies again tonight. It’s been a week. I thought at first those silly beans had started a territory dispute. Instead of batting ears they do kablooies but there was never any smell of wood smoke. Maybe the beans like it but what I like is securely being in lap during all that banging.

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Litter Matters

I went to use my litter box but you know, they hadn’t cleaned it since I last went. There is no way I am digging in that. I know what’s down there. I put it there myself. So I went on top. Not better for everyone but definitely better for me. They’ll probably comes clean it faster that way too.

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