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food strategy

They seem to have stopped doping me. I was feeling so groggy. I’m starting to feel like my old self a bit, but without the itchy ear or the roiling farts of thunder. When I call for food altar replacements I run away as soon as I’m sure the food will be laid down. Then I go hide under to couch in case they get any ideas about squirting any more foul tasting stuff down my mouth. So far, so good. 

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Successful Evasion. Day # what?

The good news is that I’m getting half the throat-squirts of horrid tastes that I was. I’m sure it’s because I’ve learned to be cagey and not be caged. Since my energies are better I’ve been able to wriggle and escape a lot more often. I made a couple wrong turns when I lost my head and got backed into a closet.I miss my petting but I can’t risk getting toweled and get that ick down my throat. I’ll do all my cuddling as body contact on their heads while they’re asleep instead.

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I didn’t know there was moderation here. Now I’ve  let all your words thru. How great-hearted you all are! I’m feeling ever so petted.

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Oh my, time flies like the geese

I told you all I was getting old. Time does fly faster when you’re older. I have been to the vet a lot. I had to become a camel again for a while because I wasn’t feeling so great and water is too boring when you feel low, and beans don’t let me have vodka.  I had had ear infection again. There were more drops for my ears to shake out. I am on pills for thyroid, pills for arthritis and now for kidney disease. My food had more pills than chicken these days. Here I am at my last visit to the vet.  vetspatientwill this take long

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