Successful Evasion. Day # what?

The good news is that I’m getting half the throat-squirts of horrid tastes that I was. I’m sure it’s because I’ve learned to be cagey and not be caged. Since my energies are better I’ve been able to wriggle and escape a lot more often. I made a couple wrong turns when I lost my head and got backed into a closet.I miss my petting but I can’t risk getting toweled and get that ick down my throat. I’ll do all my cuddling as body contact on their heads while they’re asleep instead.


  1. KC said

    Hee hee Valdebar, that is the tough ass tortie attitude. hee hee.
    Hope u’s feeling better,
    Purrs, KC

  2. good job Valderbar. it sound like you are starting to feel a little better. we are still purring for you though.

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