Yes, Better and Better. Thank You.

That is so utterly catnip-mentholated of you to add me to the prayers. And for calling me “ one tough-a#s tortie.” You know me well evidently.I have been feeling better. I am gaining weight for the first time in 2 or 3 years. I had been a constant svelte rail but after that last bout I was more thin skin and boney.I am getting back into lithe shape.  I even am down to one pill a day instead of one and a half like I have been.I have less time at the litter and no, (whisker twitch), odoriferous blowouts anymore. Life is feeling easier.



  1. oh Valderbar, how wonderful!!! we is so happy that you are better!

  2. HotMBC said

    Yay Valderbar! We’s so glad to hear yoo’s feeling better! Woo hoo!

  3. KC said

    O, Valdebar, hee hee, i’m so glad u’s liked mine post. an i’m thrilled u’s better. Again, u’s can’t keep a tough-a*s tortie down fur long.
    this is a wonnerful Christmas gift… u’s feeling better an Anita (Spanish kitty) haf her renal failure improving!
    Love & Purrs, KC

  4. Valdebar, it sounds like things are looking up! I’ve been feeling good lately, too. I’m sure my woman is trying to poison me! I’ve seen her sprinkling powder on my food, but not on Victor’s. Beware! The beans are smarter than they look.

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