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Food Woes

They did it again. They went out for food for them, came home with l’eau de poulet in the fur of their wools and brought me no chicken. I stuck my head in every grocery bag just to be sure. Then they ate. And gave me canned puree gluey stuff. While they had cheese. Melted and none for me. 

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Herrroow again

Today there’s all kind of action outdoors. I was excited at all the movement at first but its just big clumps of snow falling off the roof, not birds.

Guess I’m getting along ok. Since that last vet abduction in the fall, my farts are gone and I’m not so powerfully thirsty as I was. Must be the chicken I’ve had since.

Do you know about this stuff? Ever since I got one of these treats every morning my stiff hips don’t seem so bad.

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