Thanks for the Life



up next to the tom bean

up next to the tom bean


silence to reenter home

motion in the corner of my frames 
a smudge that turns with me
long lump that my chair wheel bumps
 a corner of sweater fallen off its back
form by entryway doesn’t move
 solid tripping shoes
closet opening and stepping back
 at the spirit that is apt to leave
orange zest spritz causes no withdrawal 
 no wince of guilt at indulging
the hips that swing autopilot
 down an irrelevant aisle
italian wedding soup eaten 
 undisturbed, no caroling wish
darker sprawl on evening’s bed
 a dark blouse, a jacket, jeans
the feet that pause to check level
 water in bowl that hasn’t been
list for business trip one fewer box
what my hand glances off of
 a night reach pets into book
pat and scratch of sheets
 low voice has no jumped reply
not the cat, habit is only inhabitant.


  1. divakitty said

    And then, these journeys
    and my sea of renewal:
    your head on the pillow,
    your hands floating
    in the light, in my light,
    over my earth.

    It was beautiful to live
    when you lived!

    The world is bluer and of the earth
    at night, when I sleep
    enormous, within your small hands.


  2. The shadow in the corner. I talk to the shadows because I know that they are there – my three “honeymooners”. My trixie and norton and ralph. They are there.

  3. Max said

    The Woman still feels the bed sag the way it did when the Cat Who Came Before Me jumped up there…only there’s no cat. And Dusty went to the Bridge 7 years ago. But I think she still feels that sag because the IS something there, and Dusty wants her to know it.

    Valdebar is going to be there in the little things, she just wants you to remember that.

  4. Jane said

    That’s an eloquent tribute to Valdebar, capturing perfectly, how empty a world can be when a cat has left us, yet how full the mind will always be, of memories and glimspes.

  5. Beautiful. We’re still careful not to step on the dishes for Bigotes, who passed away in 1987. Though the flesh is gone, some form of spirit remains, visiting when least expected.
    Hugs and purrs,

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