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Little Fluff of Joy

cwazy cat
Cwazy cat, lies on her back looking more like a badger as she swats. She’s not fat as she looks. She’s on her lo calorie diet and she’s 1/4 fluff by volume. The rest is muscle and intelligence.

She adds laughter to the home. Home to the home.

When we put a blanket over the sofa she went caving under there. To wake us in the morning she may nibble an ear, or head butt, or sit on my gut, or go under the sheets to tickle the toes.

She likes to observe from a half wall what’s going on in the kitchen as I cook. From there she can still see out the window. She watches for our inattention to go onto the forbidden counter and try out an arugula as beard, which she then eats. The rest of the stolen salad becomes toys.

Sometimes she keeps her own life about house, moving from window to window watching kids, dogs, squirrels. She splunks the basement and stalks the walking feet.

She single-pawedly has done more damage to a sofa in a month than the two previous cats did together in 7 years. She’s high gear kitten racing around with none of this grace that some cats have. I can’t tell if it is her or the man running down the stair with heavy thumps.

If we go out for an evening as soon as we’re home she’s purring around our legs with hellos. She chases laser tag as her favourite thing. Except for maybe treats. She loves racing after thrown treats.

We’re trying to clicker train her to scratch the post or the scratch pad but her response is to pick up the clicker and carry it to us when she wants a treat or click it herself. The laser too. She’ll nudge it and click it on when she wants a game.

But for all her rambunctiousness, her favourite place to sleep is on the hubby’s lap. Or nearby on a blanket within reach.

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