New leash on life

When there’s a sound on the porch, Holly is apt to race from upstairs or basement poised to pounce out the door. In winter she then put her ears back and ran back in. In summer a small meow of protest as we carried her back. The harness was some punishment device until she associated it with leash and with being outside with us for hours. She can chase flies and bugs, watch squirrels and birds and go into stand off with her frenemy who shortcuts a path across the back of her yard.


Ants to pursue. Posts to walk circle around in the order god ordained and meowing all the way as the human unwinds us going 3 times counterclockwise.


Outdoors is quiet times too. Flower box is a box, right. Must sit on it.


Indoors there are things to be explored. For example, there may be a treat hidden in there.



I’ve learned that we are more interesting people when we do things. Do doesn’t include think, write, read. Even playing solitaire with real cards counts as great fun for her to pounce the cards. Cooking? Absolutely fascinating. And there’s the chance for unaccompanied walks through flour with her tail swishing it into fans all over the house.


  1. I love cats. They have so much character.

  2. ladyfi said

    Cute shots.

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