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Little Predator

floating cat
Floating ethereal cat. She who would not be touched because she has knots she won’t let us at. She looks holy but all that chasing of stick and toys and treats and laser and now she’s gone and grabbed a fledgling sparrow. I caught her and release the bird which flew. Hopefully it’s not injured. And that with her on a leash and wearing a bell and us within view. Little predator.

cat nested
Clearly she’s becoming his cat. I’m told she sleeps curled up to me but daytime she trots after him, meows indefatigably when he showers. He will drowwwwn. His every change of breath alerts her.

totally snoring
Boards him whenever he naps.

totally awake

squirrel sleeper
She’s at her sweetest when asleep.

She pays attention to me too. Greets me when I come in. Head bumps, but mostly complains. Rain, cold, in and out. She’s become very chatty with a huge voice that warbles and grunts. Her purr is quiet and self-conscious and rare.

Still, I think we’re out of honeymoon phase. Why did we get a cat? My allergies are back with the amount of hair she sheds, probably on my pillow. Going away for 3 days was glorious silence of the morning. Imagine peeing without getting ankles bitten or door scratched.

We left her with a cat sitter visiting her twice a day and she didn’t eat until we returned, then ate all kibble in 2 hours.

Guess we stuck for a decade or so.

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