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Returning Favours

That’s her hovering close on the ledge over the counter. She’s glad to have me home. I’ve been away a lot over the month. She even head butts a hello, and sat on my lap twice.

Doesn’t mean the angel will give me any slack in the morning or not bite my ankles to get me up and get her breakfast.

At least she doesn’t keep a grudge. We took Holly to the V-E-T and got her drugged out and shaved in places. Do you know how many books a hair haircut would get you? 20 new at least. 80 used. ugh.

On the other hand, hubby had a nightmare and she ran across the house and up the stairs and nuzzled his face and curled up by his shoulder.

She has some concern. I stood up underneath an open bookshelf drawer and saw stars, fell, and she came and sniffed my crumpled form, sat a bit, looked me in the eye, presumably checking for even pupil dilation then high tailed it away presuming that I’ll live.

We’ve lived with her for 2 years, almost, so longer than she was alive before we met. Another 10 years to go.

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