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Little Predator

floating cat
Floating ethereal cat. She who would not be touched because she has knots she won’t let us at. She looks holy but all that chasing of stick and toys and treats and laser and now she’s gone and grabbed a fledgling sparrow. I caught her and release the bird which flew. Hopefully it’s not injured. And that with her on a leash and wearing a bell and us within view. Little predator.

cat nested
Clearly she’s becoming his cat. I’m told she sleeps curled up to me but daytime she trots after him, meows indefatigably when he showers. He will drowwwwn. His every change of breath alerts her.

totally snoring
Boards him whenever he naps.

totally awake

squirrel sleeper
She’s at her sweetest when asleep.

She pays attention to me too. Greets me when I come in. Head bumps, but mostly complains. Rain, cold, in and out. She’s become very chatty with a huge voice that warbles and grunts. Her purr is quiet and self-conscious and rare.

Still, I think we’re out of honeymoon phase. Why did we get a cat? My allergies are back with the amount of hair she sheds, probably on my pillow. Going away for 3 days was glorious silence of the morning. Imagine peeing without getting ankles bitten or door scratched.

We left her with a cat sitter visiting her twice a day and she didn’t eat until we returned, then ate all kibble in 2 hours.

Guess we stuck for a decade or so.

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Actions Speak Louder than

captured the shopping cart
She has conquered the shopping cart.

she's holding firm on this page order
She has decided this is the final order of poems. Nothing moves.

happy new year
She wishes you happy new year in her fancy hat.

She holds still for her glamour shot.

She inspects the room from above.

now she's spotted the treat
She spies the treat on the window sill.

She has seized her beaver.

and her beaver
Nummy catnip beaver.

She rests.

Otherwise she is at Humanyms.

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New leash on life

When there’s a sound on the porch, Holly is apt to race from upstairs or basement poised to pounce out the door. In winter she then put her ears back and ran back in. In summer a small meow of protest as we carried her back. The harness¬†was some punishment device until she associated it with leash and with being outside with us for hours. She can chase flies and bugs, watch squirrels and birds and go into stand off with her frenemy who shortcuts a path across the back of her yard.


Ants to pursue. Posts to walk circle around in the order god ordained and meowing all the way as the human unwinds us going 3 times counterclockwise.


Outdoors is quiet times too. Flower box is a box, right. Must sit on it.


Indoors there are things to be explored. For example, there may be a treat hidden in there.



I’ve learned that we are more interesting people when we do things. Do doesn’t include think, write, read. Even playing solitaire with real cards counts as great fun for her to pounce the cards. Cooking? Absolutely fascinating. And there’s the chance for unaccompanied walks through flour with her tail swishing it into fans all over the house.

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7 Months Together

cat cuddling
She gradually gets more cuddly when we’re awake.

She seems more dog than cat, running towards noise to investigate instead of cringing, sticking her head in a garbage bag, trying to see if styrofoam is edible. She likes to chase balls.

We are getting rituals. She tries to wake me in the morning. When I do finally get up she runs back upstairs and flops on her side and I flop on mine and we breathe together. She adjusts her toes to touch my toes or fingers.

She nose bumped with me. A first. When we come home she races to greet me and runs her legs around my legs then goes off. Sometimes it’s even not food related.

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Little Fluff of Joy

cwazy cat
Cwazy cat, lies on her back looking more like a badger as she swats. She’s not fat as she looks. She’s on her lo calorie diet and she’s 1/4 fluff by volume. The rest is muscle and intelligence.

She adds laughter to the home. Home to the home.

When we put a blanket over the sofa she went caving under there. To wake us in the morning she may nibble an ear, or head butt, or sit on my gut, or go under the sheets to tickle the toes.

She likes to observe from a half wall what’s going on in the kitchen as I cook. From there she can still see out the window. She watches for our inattention to go onto the forbidden counter and try out an arugula as beard, which she then eats. The rest of the stolen salad becomes toys.

Sometimes she keeps her own life about house, moving from window to window watching kids, dogs, squirrels. She splunks the basement and stalks the walking feet.

She single-pawedly has done more damage to a sofa in a month than the two previous cats did together in 7 years. She’s high gear kitten racing around with none of this grace that some cats have. I can’t tell if it is her or the man running down the stair with heavy thumps.

If we go out for an evening as soon as we’re home she’s purring around our legs with hellos. She chases laser tag as her favourite thing. Except for maybe treats. She loves racing after thrown treats.

We’re trying to clicker train her to scratch the post or the scratch pad but her response is to pick up the clicker and carry it to us when she wants a treat or click it herself. The laser too. She’ll nudge it and click it on when she wants a game.

But for all her rambunctiousness, her favourite place to sleep is on the hubby’s lap. Or nearby on a blanket within reach.

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Working as Supervisor


If not a kitten, at least a teenager cat.

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