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Catching some rays

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val_lolling, originally uploaded by Cat/nips/naps.

It may be a short day but I do enjoy soaking in some sun while its up. A good back wriggle is so much the better.

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day tripping

I’ve felt rather light headed lately. While in cicadian rush, I can leap tall windowsills in a single bound. Sometimes I try to leap the chair but only get half of me up there and focus my grace on not hurting myself on the landing. I got sniffles. Let’s claw it up to that.

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Let me first look up at you with my most apologetic of eyes and say sorry for hiding out of reading range for so long. I have been out of reach of pyschically mo-blogging between being indisposed by mood and by my colleague’s mood to route me under the couch more hours than not.

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look before I leap

Cute cat pictures plus #18 is a great sleeeping spot idea that I’ll have to try. I’ve been psyching up and training by leaping back and forth between table and counter.

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are they bouncing a basketball indoors again? no, I think it’s my colleague getting frisky. Don’t break the furniture hun.

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I feel my toepads popcorning on the lower gravity surface of Whisker Prime 13. My featherweight bones are all but needing claws to just keep from floating off. I see at a distance the flop-eared hooved rabbit creature that I’ve grown to love to hunt. By the light of the 2nd moon I catch a starkly side lit but unmisteable shape of Mror and her consort and arch-enemy Khizz. They are the dominent goddesses of this dimension, Mror-rest-for-all. Her territory spans acres past where I can see. The two are on prowl, caterwauling the night into greater challenge of play and prey. I shadow their figures as do the dozens with me, our heat reaching for the heat of tin-roof binary-star. We track the pathways from tree crests, can travel as squirrels do on earth. We are grace, the shadows of day in our limbs.

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We are tangled sheets with each other, each lending heat to heat. I feel mysef soften. I am butter melting across 4 thighs. I am so delicious I could lick myself.

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