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Someone here is a little understimulated. Catisthentics isn’t quite enough to burn off myu excess energy. Chewing the papyrus isn’t nearly as much fun when it doesn’t get a rise out of the simians and make them charge across the room or hiss at me.

It will be a full night’s sun before the next hairless tall comes to attend to our alter for Mror. All one can do until then is lay plans…and sit on the counter until my unassuming, wee bit deaf colleague starts to miss me, search unsuccessfully. Then I shall pounce on her back. Nip her ears. Then she shall know that I am most definitely, completely here.

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It’s always low-feeling to have to resort to vocalization. It seems the black and white spotted one and I can’t establish any stable telepathic link. Do you remember who I mean? She’s the cat kittycorner to me across the windows on the other tail of the building. I can see her sit between the drapes and the window glass. We engaged in a protracted staring match – no reason really. We just were both bored and it’s only fair to spread my mischief around and not let my colleague bear the full brunt of my cuddle-deficit irritability. I’m thoughtful that way.

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not heaven scent

The substitute hairless tall brought in dog smells on her feet. She always does but this time ti was particularly piquant. A young male cokcer spaniel if I’m not mistaken. Why do those creatures not bathe themselves? Their tongues doesn’t have a fine comb like mine but it has lengths and wet-th. There is the breath matter. I can sense he panted on her right arm about 2 hours earlier. Luckily the stubby-nosed ones have poor smell and don’t suffer the worst for it.

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Axh, ach, ach. One more hairball for the road? I wiah this place had wall-to-wall sandbase then I could bury the thing. Carpet is overrated.

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Do you suppose a genetically engineered Toyger would be any more lovable or fierce than yours truly? You should ahve seen the way |I stalked and chased away that pidgeon from my balcony!

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back blip

I seem to be getting sporadic connections with my invisible wireless friend through the wall.

I have logged a couple back notations for you to enjoy. Right now I’m just kicking back enjoying the sun, rubbing mu spine against this fine bit of carpeting, flipping over and then shredding a bit of rug.

Until I next break through the hardware intermediary barrier…

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pic a day — any day is good for cats

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