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some tuna with that?

The hairless tom has come home. He has exercised a lot. He smells. He falls on the bed and goes to near sleep immediately. Being kind and sweet I cuddle up, wait to be fed, hold myself over by licking the sweat off the wet back of his shirt, his fingers. Yum, salt.

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The hairless jane had a bad dream. She was twitching in her sleep. From my bedside perch, at first I thought she was having a pleasant run but then her eyes flew open and she meowed. Well, like meowed. She go straight out of bed and ran to my colleague and began giving her odd-houred affection. Not that she protested. I followed her out and watched the two for a while. When she went back to bed, I conferred with my colleague but she didn’t know what that was about. We watched the closed bedroom door for a while before we shook off the mood with a good chase.

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what do we have here?

Those two are out again. Wonder when they’ll see fit to come home. Oh well, the butter forgotten on the counter will have to be my consolation company.

My colleague is sulking in the closet due to a tiny nose scratch you can hardly even see. Sensitive she is. sensitive.

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bristling for action

Quiet night. Last night was inordinately loud. The simians gurgled onto the street in uneven waves of shouts nearly all night. So many flashing lights on the street and swaying simians. You would have thought the whole species was in heat for all the caterwauling. But tonight I could hear it if there were a mouse in the leaves at the edge of the building. But there isn’t. A few noise-machines, now and then…I guess it is up to me to make some noise then. Are you with me Ms. Zhou? On the count of 3….

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Cats in Sinks

Another photo gem has come to me. This Cat in Sinks link comes from The Presurfer. Now personally I prefer the bathtub, but the whole porcelain thing, I completely get it.

Not much happening around the home territory. My colleague has been quiet. The simians have been sedentary. There doesn’t seem to be much happening.

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“Well, hi there Curley!” I said to the Devon rex in the next box over. “Have you been Shanghaied to the doctor too?”

Lovely creature. Happy to exchange brief bios before I was whisked away out of psychic link range. Those owl-disk eyes watched me as I went to check out teh office. No birds out the window today. It’s so nice to be past the nerves stage. I laugh at how I used to shake and quake at the doctor and helpers. I knew them all now.

Could do without the car rides tho. Can we walk next time?

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vive la difference

They are running on peculiarly different rules than us cats. If Ms. Zhou clears out of a sun patch, it’s up from grabs. If she’s there, it’s hers. With their bed, if they aren’t there, we can’t be either. If they are there, we can be, unless they are doing the licky-thing. I can understand that. My dignity would rather they not watch me groom my personal parts either.

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