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the claw woman cometh

The cat-claw-cutter indicator buzzer went off.

I went towards the closet to pulled a cloth down for cover but the route was blocked. This looked damning. I tried to go into the bookshelves but again, door closed. No other course but under the sofa, the very back of course.

Turns out I was right. She got me, and my claws, but not without a spirited wriggling of a workout, I’ll tell you.

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look who’s up

The man was up exceptionally early. I don’t suppose that means I’ll get fed any earlier. I’ve observed when he gets up early like that he doesn’t even feed himself until his normal time. May as well catch another 40 winks.

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I was this close

When I was sitting looking north-east-east a crow flew within leap range of me, right over the railing.

She’s lucky there was glass between us or else she’d be gum-itch material.

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night calm

Isn’t it funny how they lie so still for so long? They are so warm it makes a cat dozy to nest in the sheets in the pluming blanket of their familiar smell.

Then a knee swings round and clock you right off the bed. Lucky I have good reflexes even when sleepy.

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wingtips of discovery

I had just about refined a new theory on quantum particle interaction when a fly made the physical breakthough — he came though the crack in the screen and wall and buzzed my head.

Naturally I gave chase and cornered him. It’s so hard to set aside time for hard science these days.

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The humans have a bag made of my treat bag material. I keep trying to sleep and they keep crinkling the bag. I can’t help myself. I wake up and beg for a delectable bite, my whiskers twitching and jacobson probing hopefully. They extend a hand and its fruit. Why do they eat that? I no more than lay my tail around my nose than they crinkle again! Live and trot in hope.

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huntress exercise

I stalk and pounce the foe. It rolls and falls from the precipice of desktop, landing with a dull thud and rolling to an attempt at safety.

It’s trajectory is for under the door but I cut it off and give it a bat, bat, slap and sent it flying into the hall and into the closet where it attempts camouflage among the shoes. There is no hiding from me. I see you Battery.

On second thought the smell in there is an effective protection. Perhaps I’ll just wait until it comes out.

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