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Nap Interrupted

Some of the monkeys are in a pack down there, making loud noise in the street. And they say us cats never sleep.

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I’ll just hide until tomorrow

It’s windy. I’m a bit nervous. The doors are all banging and things are falling over outside. It’s hard to nap in all this banging. Someone even knocked at the door but I got myself out of sight in case it’s nail clipper person.

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Now what?

I’m bored. They are away. This morning started well enough with my walking over the female and the male giving me a lift and set down on the side off the bed. Then I walk the length and back up to sit on her chest again until she swats and man picks me up and off again. That was fun. We did that 5 times.

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I smell chicken. I did a meowing chicken dance around the legs of the female and tried to fish the chicken balls out of her soup when she wasn’t looking but she caught me before I got a nose or paw in it. She threw me a lot of broken up chicken balls tho. Yummy. When she was done, I licked her bowl clean.

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It’s not too cold. I can still see some snow from the window. The bits are a little bigger than a still seagull. If a seagull ever stayed still. They are excited these days. The wind is strong. They catch currents up there. If I could catch a current, I could catch a feather or more in my teeth.

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Chance of Snow?

Cool one today. I feel my bones creak. I get up gingerly. I feel my years but I’m glad as the hours pass, I’ll get my youth back from the sun.

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Early Morning Activity

Oh the humans are making their slurp sounds and negative ion fields and making heat like a radiator.

They never seem to appreciate my joining the love fest but a pillow thrown at me is utterly unnecessary.

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