take a hint or few?

Come now. I woke you up with pats on the arm and back for what exactly?

You’ve humanned around the place for 2 hours, and not fed me yet. Cats should have a union. Aren’t you folks usually gone by now?

And if you are late, does that mean there will be fur-flying action and (gulp) my breakfast will be overlooked?

This may call for more assertive vocal direct action.



  1. guppyman said

    Some days screaming about it is the only way to get things done….

    Michele says howdy…

  2. yes, screaming – really really loud and constantly.

  3. Beau said

    Biting might help also…and I nominated you for Blogs of the Summer contest.

  4. Valderbar said

    Thanks Beau. What/where is that?

  5. Beau said

    At Blogging Outloud..trying to relocate link for you.

  6. Valderbar said

    Derby has it. Thanks Beau.

  7. Joe said

    Very cute! Great blog.

    Here via Michele.

  8. carli said

    Michele says hi.
    So does Wendell, who wakes up his owner with slaps across the face.

  9. Carmi said

    Michele strongly believes that the first thing humans must do upon waking up is attending to the needs of all cats in the house.

    Sounds like a reasonable rule to me.

  10. RennyBA said

    Cute blog – how do I make you purr?
    Hello, Michele sent me and I add hello from Norway and have a great end to your week:-)

  11. I woke Daddy up at 3 this morning, just because. He isnt the one that passes out the goodness, I did it just because. Hey, we are sorry we missed you at Pandora’s party. Momma said the Internet got broked and she couldn’t get online.

    Patches Lady

  12. Valderbar said

    I was at Pandora’s party. didn’t you see me?

  13. Valderbar said

    Oh, I must be hung over on catnip. It was you who couldn’t come. Saved you some tuna (shoving it with my head)

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